ADFC 2023 Milk Price Improvement.

Dear ADFC Shareholder Suppliers,

The Board and Management of ADFC are very pleased to announce our FY23 Milk Price, from the 1st of
July 2022, will rise by $0.15/KgMS to an average of $9.90/Kg MS for the full year when based on ADFC’s
reference solids 4.0% Milk Fat & 3.2% protein, including full quality payment. Updated income
estimations will be available upon request.

July – December 2022
January – June 2023
$9.50/Kg MS
$10.30/Kg MS

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact either Ron Page on 0418 658 305, Wendy Brown
on 0456 613 772 or myself, Andrew Sutton on 0407 178 096.

You can download a copy of this announcement by clicking here.



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