Our Business

Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation (ADFC) is an independent organisation. Owned and run by Australian dairy farmers, we supply quality milk to processors and customers alike from cooperative principles. Our farmers supply quality raw milk to our partner companies, who go on to make premium dairy products for the Australian and international markets.

The ADFC supports the Australian dairy industry with a values-driven mission to get the best prices for our dairy farms. With core principles of fairness, transparency, and our ‘4 Cs’ – Collaborative, Co-operative, Choice, and Cost-Effective – we continually show how a farmer-lead business practice works for everyone.

The ADFC values:
supporting suppliers today and tomorrow

Transparency around supplier obligations, decision-making, recruitment, and planning is fundamental to our work as a co-operative. We aim to provide prospective ADFC suppliers with all the information they need to make a well-informed decision about the future of their farms. Our annual reports include important information about our business activities and financial affairs: find a full record of previous reports here.

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