A Dairy Farm Co-op that Works for Farmers

Working dairy farms are at the heartbeat of our corporation. We trust our members to manage their farms effectively – and they trust us to take care of their milk. For our members, the ADFC performs a crucial role in their plan for farm sustainability.

Being a member of the ADFC means we have the confidence to get on with managing our farms knowing we have a partner taking care of us.

Benefits for ADFC farmers

 We work with our farmers to give them every opportunity to be profitable so they can grow their dairy business with confidence.

Security of
milk pricing

low-cost model

Premium up-front
price for milk

No stop/volume charge

Benefits for ADFC partners

Our farmers are at the core of what we do. Partnering with us ensures that you’ll be supporting local farmers and have access to high quality milk.

Support Australian

Access to
quality milk

A true business

A transparent
cost-plus model

Case studies

Case studies

If you decide to work with us – you can rest assured that our model for dairy farm sustainability will support you and your business for years in the future. Find out more about our contracts below, or if you’re ready to talk about doing business with us, get in touch.