Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation

Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation (ADFC) is an independent organisation, owned and run by Australian dairy farmers. Our farmers supply quality milk from their dairy farms to our partner companies. Those companies then make premium dairy products that are sold in Australia and overseas.


ADFC’s Customers share our philosophy of fairness for our farmers. Our Customers support the co-operative model and believe farmers need to be paid a competitive price at the farm gate to enable them to run sustainable businesses and produce quality milk.

Understanding the benefits and values of ADFC.


Some of the benefits for farmers who join ADFC:

  • Security of milk pricing
  • Security of milk pricing
  • Premium up-front price for milk
  • A transparent and low overhead cost model where the focus is on returning more to the farm gate price


ADFC is defined by the four Cs:

  • Collaborative
  • Co-operative
  • Choice
  • Cost Effective

And all our actions, decisions and investments are guided by these core values.

Interested in working with ADFC?

If you are interested in working with ADFC, as a supplier or as a partner?

Please contact us or email

The attached standard form Milk Supply Contract is published by ADFC in compliance with the Competition & Consumer (Industry Codes – Dairy) Regulations 2019.

ADFC will enter into a standard form Milk Supply Contract with a supplier in the following circumstances:
1- the supplier meets the quality requirements set out in our Milk Supply Policy;
2 - the supplier is a shareholder of ADFC (or agrees to become a shareholder of ADFC);
3 -the supplier is able to supply milk on an all-year-round basis;
4 - the supplier is located in one of ADFC's milk collection regions (which currently covers the majority of Victoria); and
5 - if ADFC has the capacity to accept the supplier's milk based on the current needs of ADFC's customer base.'

Contact Information

Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation
Suite 222A, 757 Bourke Street
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T: +61 3 9909 2208