ADFC FY2022 Annual Report

Download a copy of the Annual Report here:

Season 2021/22 has seen the continued evolution of Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation.

Andrew Sutton has seamlessly settled into the General Managers role. Andy has been very active in visiting our farm suppliers to gain a great understanding of their situations and to understand how ADFC can better assist them.

Andy has been well supported by both Paul Casey and Ron Page, who have highlighted how invested they are in both ADFC and our farmers, demonstrated by their willingness to assist at all levels across the company. We have also seen the addition of Wendy Brown to the staff. Wendy has been a fantastic addition in her short time with us and offers great support and back-up across all management roles.

ADFC has also seen the addition of Jade Sieben as the Director for the Northern Region and Doug Hanks as our Interim Director in the Eastern Region. Along with Rod Slattery they have provided invaluable support to me in my first year as Chairman. Scott Sieben has moved into a consultant role and continues to provide both guidance and reassurance, especially to myself and Andy.

I would like to thank all these people for all their support and dedication over the last 12 months.

Download a copy of the Annual Report here:



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