Australian Dairy Farmers Corporation (ADFC) is an independent organisation, owned and run by Australian dairy farmers. Our farmers supply quality milk from their dairy farms to our partner companies. Those companies then make premium dairy products that are sold in Australia and overseas.

We were established in 2012 with a firm vision: to look after our dairy farmers and make sure they receive a fair price for their milk. We work with our farmers to give them every opportunity to be profitable so they can grow their dairy businesses with confidence. To achieve this, ADFC partners with companies that understand the needs of our farmers.

We are a community-based organisation that is guided by co-operative principles. Our farmers are at the core of all we do. We operate with honesty, transparency and fairness. We believe the key to a thriving Australian dairy industry lies with farmers running profitable businesses so they can invest back into their farms. With security assured, farmers can produce quality milk, adhere to best practice in animal welfare, care for the environment and become employers of choice.

Some of the benefits for farmers who join ADFC:

  • Security of milk pricing
  • No stop/volume charge
  • Premium up-front price for milk
  • A transparent and low overhead cost model where the focus is on returning more to the farm gate price

Some of the benefits for companies who partner with ADFC:

  • Support Australian farmers
  • Access to quality milk
  • A true partnership working closely together to understand each other’s business
  • A unique and transparent cost-plus model for milk pricing

ADFC Values

ADFC is defined by the four Cs: collaborative, co-operative, choice and cost-effective. And all our actions, decisions and investments are guided by these core values.


We work with our farmers and partners – we will not compete with our customers. Instead we will co-invest to maximise the efficiency of the supply chain. Our focus is on profitability and fairness for our farmers and for our business partners.


Our organisation is based on co-operative principles. Our farmers are shareholders of the organisation and thus have a stake in the business: they share in the business risks, but they also share in the successes. As a co-operative-based organisation, we concentrate on maximising returns for our farmers for both the short and long term.


Our flat milk pricing structure allows our farmers to choose the milk production pattern that is best suited for their farm and their family.


We support a farmer-focused, low-cost model, which we believe is best suited to the dairy industry in Australia.